• Welcome to Knota Yankee where we pride ourselves on the best BBQ sauce bottled right here in North Carolina.  Knota Yankee sauces are always preservative free and bottled in 16 oz. glass to insure purity and flavor.  Three of our delicious sauces are gluten free as well.  Knota Yankee's award winning Carolina BBQ sauce is great on anything from ribs, steak, chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, to shrimp, and fish. Just about anything you can find to throw on the grill we've got you covered. We also have a number of different BBQ sauce recipes you can find right here on our website for your convenience.

    There are many different places that claim to have the best barbecue sauce, such as Memphis, Kansas city, and Texas. However we honestly feel that North Carolina BBQ sauces are simply the best !  Keep in mind that where you go to eat NC barbecue may determine the kind of barbecue sauce you get. This is because there is such a wide variety of NC Barbecue sauces ranging from original Vinegar to Tomato based BBQ sauces.   The region you're in will most likely determine the variety of BBQ sauce you will find.  Here at Knota Yankee our line up of award winning, original recipe sauces promises to tantalize  your taste buds with the perfect flavor for any occasion. So if you're looking for the best sweet spicy Vinegar  BBQ sauce or the best full flavored Bourbon BBQ sauce.we proudly welcome you to come Home to the quality of Knota Yankee today.

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It began in Raleigh, North Carolina when the company’s owner became best friends with a girl whose Mom was from Long Island, New York. She must have said to him 1,000 times “You are not a Yankee! You are such a Southern...

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