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    Best BBQ Sauce in NC!

  • Testimonial 3

    Thank you!!!!  We had an unbelievable day of smoking Boston Butts down at the coast and Knota Yankee’s “Sweet Spicy Vinegar” sauce made it even better.  I have been smoking pork butts for a while and have made mop sauces tried other sauces and nothing compares to Knota Yankee’s “Sweet Spicy Vinegar” sauce.  There wasn’t a piece of pulled pork left on the platter and hardly sauce left and we started with 2 gallons!  Knota Yankee is where it’s at for BBQ sauce!

  • Testimonial 2

        We made ribs the other night with Knota Yankee’s Smoky Bourbon sauce and they turned out perfectly!  Our boys generally will not eat ribs when they have sauce on them, but Knota Yankee’s sauce has won them over! They ate every last rib that we had that night and I was lucky enough to get a few myself!  Thanks again Knota Yankee!

  • Testimonial 1

    These sauces have unique flavors that will definitely improve the flavor of your beef, chicken, pork or seafood.