About Us
  • It began in Raleigh, North Carolina when the company’s owner became best friends with a girl whose Mom was from Long Island, New York. She must have said to him 1,000 times “You are not a Yankee! You are such a Southern boy!” It was because of her that he later decided to name his boat KNOTA YANKEE® in reference to his Southern heritage. We then registered the trademark name KNOTA YANKEE® to bring to you some favorite traditional Southern recipes. Knota Yankee® barbecue sauces are all created from original family recipes passed down through generations and made and bottled in the South. The Knota Yankee® stickers which depict Southern scenes and wildlife were designed through customer’s requests and printed in the South for your enjoyment.

    Founded in 2011, Knota Yankee® is dedicated to bringing quality products to our customers. We are proud to bring you the best barbecue sauces passed down over the years from family recipes. The owner has traveled across the United States and spent time in Europe and Africa and realizes that there is nothing to compare to the universal appeal of a home cooked meal. The warmth and fun of creating your own special dishes with Knota Yankee® products is the idea behind the company. We started out introducing a few products locally and the business began to blossom. The response has been tremendous and each day we meet new customers and businesses which are excited about our products. Feedback from customers has encouraged us to introduce additional products including the stickers and postcards celebrating the Southern outdoors.  We hope that you wil enjoy andl share Knota Yankee® products and experience the fun that we have had sharing our southern heritage with you.